Howland, Schaefer talk Stricklin

MSU Men’s Basketball Head Coach Ben Howland

On what Scott Stricklin means to him:

First of all, I’m just really grateful to Scott and Dr. Keenum for the opportunity to be hired here. It was their decision. I really appreciate that opportunity so much. Scott is a wonderful person. He’s a great AD. He really supports all of his coaches, the players and everybody in the department. He’s really personable. He’s down to earth. I think he’s phenomenal with all of our supporters and boosters. He really is a phenomenal AD. I’ve been in this business over 30 years and I can tell you unequivocally that he’s special. I’m happy for him and I know that Dr. Keenum already has a plan that he’s working on to find his replacement and I’m sure that it’ll be someone that’s great for Mississippi State as well.

On Stricklin’s personality, etc., that has made him successful:

What I liked about him right away is that he was really down to earth, very honest and you could just tell he was a really good person, a trusting guy and a good Christian man with great values and all the things that are so important to all of us. He has a great family. His mom and dad, who I’ve gotten to know, are really wonderful people. His wife and kids are great. He’s going to be missed and we wish him well, but Mississippi State is really in great shape. He had a lot to do with that.

MSU Women’s Basketball Head Coach Vic Schaefer

On what Scott Stricklin means to him:

Scott Stricklin is the reason I’m here. He had a vision and he sold it to me and I sold him my vision. We both agreed it could be done. He’s the reason Holly and I are here at Mississippi State in the end.

On if he noticed the same level of passion from Stricklin whether it was men’s or women’s sports:

There’s no question. He’s been great for our entire department and for all sports. He’s done what you’d hope any athletic director would do at any university. He gives everyone an opportunity to be successful and win championships. Whether it’s facilities or the coaches that he’s been able to hire, he’s someone that believes in the total program. I’m sure that’s why Florida came after him.


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