Prescott’s DUI trial set for next week


Former Mississippi State quarterback Dak Prescott’s trial for driving under the influence in March is set for next week after a motion to suppress evidence from the stop was denied in Starkville Municipal Court on Wednesday.

Prescott’s case will now be heard next Wednesday, July 27.

Prescott was arrested near the Cotton District on March 12 after being stopped for speeding. Since then, Prescott’s case was continued twice prior to Wednesday’s hearing.

Prescott was not present on Wednesday due to travel issues in the form of plane delays according to his attorney, Jay Perry. Perry was authorized by Judge Rodney Faver to carry forward with Prescott’s case in his absence.

During the proceedings, Starkville police officer Donte Thomas, who initially stopped Prescott, was called to the stand. During questioning from Perry, Thomas stated that he observed no smell of alcohol on Prescott, nor did he see any redness or dilation of the pupils in Prescott’s eyes. Thomas also testified that he told another officer at the scene that Prescott seemed to be sober, though Prescott had admitted to having a drink earlier.

Other questioning from Perry centered on Thomas’ certification to run the radar gun that clocked Prescott going 41 miles per hour in a 25 mile per hour zone. Thomas stated he wasn’t certified at the time of the stop, but has become certified since.

After hearing further arguments from municipal prosecutor Caroline Moore, who cited prior cases, Faver then denied the motion to suppress and set Prescott’s next trial date.

Prescott wrapped up his Mississippi State career last season after setting 38 school records and totaling 11,897 yards of total offense, which is the third-most in the history of the Southeastern Conference. In April, Prescott was selected in the fourth round of the National Football League Draft by the Dallas Cowboys.


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