MSU Notebook: Players have fun at media day

Dak Prescott and Rufus Warren are used to answering the tough questions from the press. Friday, as Mississippi State hosted its football media day, the senior duo decided to do some of the asking.
While junior defensive lineman Chris Jones was surrounded by reporters, Prescott jumped into the fray. MSU’s All-SEC quarterback then proceeded to get to the bottom of a pressing issue.
“Who is the best looking guy on this team,” Prescott asked Jones.
“We’ve got a lot of good looking guys on the team,” Jones responded. “But I’m going to have to say me.”
The fun didn’t stop there. Before Jones could leave the room, Warren had questions of his own. The favorite to be MSU’s starting left tackle peppered Jones with a number of light-hearted questions, notably about musical tastes.
“Do you listen to Katy Perry?” Warren asked while holding back laughter.
“I can’t lie, if it comes on the radio (I do),” Jones said.
Warren ended his impromptu interview session by getting Jones to complete the lyrics to Vanessa Carlton’s ‘1000 Miles’.
These humorous scenes concluded Friday’s two-hour event that featured comments from head coach Dan Mullen, assistants Billy Gonzales, John Hevesy and Manny Diaz, along with several other players.


Williams ’50-50’ chance to redshirt


After Nick Fitzgerald mentioned to the media on Tuesday that fellow backup quarterback Damian Williams might redshirt this season, Mullen addressed the issue of his junior signal-caller’s status on Friday.
“There’s a 50 percent chance he will and 50 percent chance he won’t (redshirt),” Mullen said. “Obviously, there’s that opportunity there for him to do that, but it’s hard for us to say. I would’ve thought he was going to redshirt for us his freshman year. It didn’t happen that way for us.”
Williams burst onto the scene at Mississippi State as a true freshman in 2013, playing in six games, most notably scoring a game-winning touchdown in overtime at Arkansas. He also started the Egg Bowl that year with both former quarterback Tyler Russell and Prescott each suffering from injuries.
In two seasons with the Bulldogs, Williams has completed 37 of his 70 pass attempts for 434 yards and three touchdowns. He has also rushed for 175 yards on 53 carries and a score.


Walley emerging as favorite at tight end


It seems as though the Bulldogs are close to finding someone to fill the hole Malcolm Johnson left behind at tight end.
Mullen said junior Gus Walley has caught the eye of the coaching staff and has emerged at the Bulldogs top option at the position currently.
“We feel really good with him,” Mullen said. “He’s really ready in his development and his maturity to step into that role and be able to give you what Malcolm gave you last year. You can flex him out in the perimeter. You can bring him in motion as an H-back. You can line him up as tight end. He’s going to be able to bring a lot of different aspects with his game and bring it onto the field and create mismatch problems.”
Mullen called the race to serve as Walley’s backup “wide open”.
Senior Darrion Hutcherson and sophomore B.J. Hammond are the leading candidates for the spot.
“At that position, to me, we ask them to do so much,” Mullen said. “It’s one of those situations where you have to be good at a lot of different things and it’s who can bring the most to the table at that position and find somebody that can get to that No. 2 spot.”


Bulldogs head to ‘The Farm’


Mississippi State heads away from their normal practice headquarters today for the annual trip to ‘The Farm’.
The location, near the MSU veterinary school, will host the Bulldogs for their first two-a-day practices of the fall. From today through Wednesday, Mississippi State will hold seven total practices at the site.
Prescott, a veteran of the preseason tradition, said he hasn’t been talking about this year’s trip much with his young teammates, but did have a couple of tips.
“You really can’t tell them much to prepare them,” Prescott said. “I told them it was going to be hot. Don’t be looking for the shade. Don’t be looking for a gust of wind unless you want to smell cow manure or whatever.
“It’s what camp is about. I’m excited for my fifth one and my final one and I’m going to make sure we have a good time out there.”


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