Practice No. 1 wrap (including unofficial offensive depth chart)


Football season is here folks. Us media folks were able to watch the first 45 minutes or so of practice. Maybe the biggest news of the day – defensive back Kendrick Market and linebacker Dez Harris participated in all drills we were allowed to watch. As most of you are aware, Market is coming off an achilles injury, while Harris tore his ACL last year. In fact, we saw no players in the injury pit today.

For those interested, here’s a very unofficial offensive depth chart from today based on what we saw:

SPLIT END: De’Runnya Wilson, Joe Morrow, Deddrick Thomas

SPLIT END: Fred Brown, Jesse Jackson, Jonnas Spivey

SLOT RECEIVER: Fred Ross, Gabe Myles, Malik Dear

TIGHT END: Gus Walley, Darrion Hutcherson, B.J. Hammond

LEFT TACKLE: Rufus Warren, Elgton Jenkins, Cole Carter

LEFT GUARD: Justin Malone, Deion Calhoun, Michael Story

CENTER: Jamaal Clayborn, Jocquell Johnson, Nick Proby

RIGHT GUARD: Devon Desper, Jake Thomas, Ronald Cochran

RIGHT TACKLE: Justin Senior, Damien Robinson, Martinas Rankin

QUARTERBACK: Dak Prescott, Damian Williams, Nick Fitzgerald, Elijah Staley, Nick Tiano

RUNNING BACK: Ashton Shumpert, Brandon Holloway, Dontavian Lee, Aeris Williams

We’ll hear from Mullen and select players about the first day of practice later tonight.


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