SEC Media picks MSU to finish last in West

Mississippi State head coach Dan Mullen called it “tradition” for his Bulldogs to be picked by the media to finish last in their division. The media did their part to make sure Mullen and MSU didn’t have to adjust to a new habit.

When the official Southeastern Conference media projected order of finish was released on Thursday, Mississippi State was selected to finish dead last in the West. The Bulldogs did, however, receive two votes to win the West and one vote to win the SEC Championship.

In an interesting twist, the votes played out in a way that made Alabama the pick to win the West, but Auburn the favorite to win the SEC. 

The full order of finish projections are listed below. All-SEC teams will be announced on Friday,

(First-place votes in parentheses)


  1. Alabama (92)
  2. Auburn (108)
  3. LSU (10)
  4. Arkansas (6)
  5. Ole Miss (3)
  6. Texas A&M (4)
  7. Mississippi State (2)


  1. Georgia (166)
  2. Tennessee (36)
  3. Missouri (20)
  4. South Carolina (1)
  5. Florida (1)
  6. Kentucky (1)
  7. Vanderbilt 

SEC Champion

  1. Auburn (96)
  2. Alabama (80)
  3. Georgia (28)
  4. LSU (9)
  5. Arkansas (3)
  6. Ole Miss (3)
  7. Tennessee (2)
  8. Texas A&M (2)
  9. Florida (1)
  10. Mississippi State (1)

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