Blog – SEC announces new basketball schedule format, MSU with three permanent opponents

The Southeastern Conference announced a new men’s basketball scheduling model beginning with the upcoming season.

Each SEC team will play the other 13 teams at least one time during league play. After that, each team will play their three permanent opponents a second time and the remaining two games will be scheduled on a rotating basis.

Mississippi State’s three permanent opponents are in-state rival Ole Miss, Alabama and South Carolina.

Permanent Opponents

Alabama – Auburn / Mississippi State / LSU

Arkansas – Missouri / Texas A&M / LSU

Auburn – Alabama / Ole Miss / Georgia

Florida – Kentucky / Georgia / Vanderbilt

Georgia – South Carolina / Florida / Auburn

Kentucky – Florida / Tennessee / Vanderbilt

LSU – Texas A&M / Alabama / Arkansas

Ole Miss – Mississippi State / Auburn / Missouri

Mississippi State – Ole Miss / Alabama / South Carolina

Missouri – Arkansas / Texas A&M / Ole Miss

South Carolina – Georgia / Tennessee / Mississippi State

Tennessee – Vanderbilt / Kentucky / South Carolina

Texas A&M – LSU / Arkansas / Missouri

Vanderbilt – Tennessee / Kentucky / Florida


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