Blog – MSU’s Prescott suing apparel company for using his likeness

A Mississippi State spokesperson says quarterback Dak Prescott is suing an apparel company for using his likeness without permission.

Columbus television station WCBI reported that a lawsuit has been field in the Oktibbhea County Circuit Court asking a judge to spot Christian Matthew from printing and selling shirts that say “Dak Attack” and Dak Dynasty.”

WCBI reports that the suit says Matthew Print and Apparel Company LLC of Gulfport did not have permission to use Prescott’s name or likeness. The shirts are being sold on the company’s website,

The MSU spokesperson says numerous cease and desist orders have been sent this season.

MSU Chief Communications Officer Sid Salter says those cease and desist orders were ignored, leading to the lawsuit.

Salter says the university is not involved with the lawsuit. He said the NCAA has an Opportunity Fund set up for student athletes to retain an attorney for situations such as this.

“Dak utilized the NCAA Opportunity fund, which is set up to help student athletes with expenses or needs that they can’t cover and that university can’t cover for them,” Salter said.

Salter said MSU has a licensing process for its products, but student athletes have a right to protect their likeness.

Salter also said that if Prescott doesn’t take the necessary steps to stop the t-shirts from being sold, it’s an NCAA violation.

WCBI reports an undisclosed amount of damages is being sought.


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