Blog – Staley practices with basketball team, Sword, Ready progressing

Elijah Staley has made an appearance on the basketball court Mississippi State head coach Rick Ray said on Thursday.

The quarterback has practiced two times with the Bulldog basketball team, as football is in a holding period with a bowl game announcement looming.

“He’s not in basketball shape. He’s in football shape,” Ray said. “What he’s doing right now is, he’s joining a trigonometry class and he hasn’t had Algebra 1 or Algebra 2.”

Staley is redshirting with the football team and hasn’t played a snap this season. The Bulldogs learn their bowl game on Sunday and bowl practice will start soon after.

Staley will not travel with the basketball team though.

“We’ve got to get him in basketball shape,” Ray said.

The Bulldogs are on the road the next two Saturdays at Tulane and Oregon State. They return home for a Dec. 17 matchup against Arkansas State.

As for wide receiver De’Runnya Wilson, Ray has not talked to football head coach Dan Mullen about him making the transition. The sophomore played a few games with the basketball team a season ago, but he indicated in the fall that he may not play basketball.

“He’s still playing (football),” Ray said. “De’Runnya’s going to be getting ready still to play football in a bowl game, where as Elijah’s not preparing for a bowl game.”

Guards Craig Sword and I.J. Ready had back surgery before the season started and haven’t played in all the games this season. Ready has played four games and logged 74 minutes. He has scored 13 points.

Sword, who had his surgery before Ready, had a setback and has only played in two games. He has logged 22 minutes and has yet to score a point. Ray said those two are still progressing, but not where they need to be to help the team.


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