Blog – MSU’s Ready out 4-6 weeks (with video)

Mississippi State will be without point guard I.J. Ready for at least four weeks, Bulldog head coach Rick Ray announced Wednesday.

The sophomore had the same back surgery, junior guard Craig Sword had – helping to fix a bulging disc in his back due to irrupted nerves – last month. Ready’s surgery came on Friday.

“I feel really good about it because of the way Craig Sword has reacted to the surgery,” Ray said. “He was having the same discomfort Chicken (Sword) was having. We felt it was the best thing to do to go ahead and knock it out.”

He will be out until the early or mid December.

Ready played in only 26 games last year, as he battled injuries as a freshman. He averaged just 5.9 points in 24.1 minutes per contest. He had a hamstring injury to start the season, a concussion in the middle of the season and a knee injury he had surgery on in the spring.

Sword could be back for the start of the season next Friday, but Ray will more than likely hold him out. He is shooting and cutting Ray said, but there hasn’t been any contact.


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