Blog – Mullen’s transcript from SEC teleconference

Mississippi State head coach Dan Mullen spoke to the media on Wednesday’s Southeastern Conference teleconference.

Here’s the transcript –

Opening statement:

“Coming into this open week we’re really working on getting better at our fundamentals. A lot of times you get into the regular season, you get into that weekly routine and the schedule and all the game planning and the scheming for each specific game. There are certain things that you don’t get time to work on, so we’re kind of going back like a training camp mentality, working a lot of fundamentals, a lot of technique, things that we have to do to get better. Spend the time doing that stuff this week.”

The streak goes back to Little Rock, what do you remember about that game:

“You go back to that game, it was a tough game. It came right down, obviously going into overtime. At the end of regulation we made some plays to send the game into overtime. I thought our guys really got a lot of confidence out of that, about finding ways to win. That kind of kicked us off in finding a way to win and make the plays we needed to make to win games. It kind of got the whole thing going.”


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