Blog – Final: No. 12 Mississippi State 48, No. 6 Texas A&M 31 (with video)

Records: MSU (5-0, 2-0) A&M (5-1, 2-1)

Attendance: 61,133

Game time: 3:30

Play of the game: MSU made a 4th down stand deep in its territory after a muffed punt by Jamoral Graham in the first quarter. The Bulldogs went on to score 21-straight points to put the ballgame away.

Big quarter: 2: The Bulldogs scored twice to go up 28-7, before a Texas A&M field goal.

Stat of the game: 3: The number of interceptions for Texas A&M QB Kenny Hill, all by Richie Brown. Hill had thrown just two entering the game.

Top Dawg: Richie Brown: He had three interceptions and three tackles to lead the Bulldog defense.

Boxscore: Click here

Notes: Click here

Quote of the game:

“I remember getting here six years ago and I always bring it up, I said ‘listen, to build a winning program you have to sell out the fans, you have to start it. It’s not win first and then the fans show up.’ It’s fans show up first and start believing in the program and supporting the program, the fans will come and they believed me.” – MSU head coach Dan Mullen

Song to describe game:

It was an all Mississippi day, as No. 11 Ole Miss beat No. 3 Alabama.


What it means: MSU will enter the top 10 more than likely.


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