Blog – Mullen talks on SEC teleconference

Mississippi State head coach Dan Mullen talked to reporters on the Southeastern Conference teleconference Wednesday morning.

Here are some highlights –

Opening statement:

“Coming through the first four games, we’re pretty pleased with how we’re playing as a team right now, starting off 4-0. We’re excited about that start and obviously getting the first conference win is really important. We’re able to do that last weekend. We’ve been able to stay mainly healthy throughout the year which is going to be critical. I know we’ve had a couple of season ending injuries already from important players, but overall we’ve stayed healthy. Having the opportunity of a bye week this week, we look for our guys to continue to improve on things that we haven’t done real well and get healthy and get ready for a big game against Texas A&M here in about 10 days.”

Does Jamerson love compare well talent wise to Darius Slay and Johnthan Banks:

“He’s a little bit different style player than those guys. Jamerson’s a real speed player for us, where John had a lot of length and Slay also had some size. He’s up with those guys as that type of a player. I still think he’s improving, he still has some things to get better at, but he certainly has the talent to play at the next level.”

With the type of victory you had, how do you even keel it with your guys:

“I met with our older guys, our leadership guys on the team and I put it on them. That’s just step one, that’s one of a lot of games you have to play in the SEC against a lot of good football teams. It is on them. They’ve had ups and they’ve had downs. The pats on the back, walking around campus and feeling great about yourself, they understand that, but for the younger guys to make sure they keep their focus and be hard on the younger guys, demanding on everybody in the program. Despite having a great win, we really haven’t accomplished much except for going 1-0, but that isn’t our goal this season. We have to get back to work.”


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