Blog – MSU’s Day apologizes for incidents in LSU game

MSU center Dillon Day apologized to fans via Twitter Monday afternoon for two separate plays he was involved with Saturday.

A replay showed the senior stepping on Davon Godchaux’s stomach after a play and another showed him planting his foot into Rashard Robinson’s groin.

Day wrote, “I met with Coach (Dan) Mullen regarding the two plays Saturday night that I have been wrongfully accused of intentionally stomping on players. Ever since I started playing football I was taught to always hustle to the ball, and never give up on a play.”

Day went on to write that he was hustling after the ball carrier each time, to help block down field. When he realized the play was over he couldn’t stop himself.

LSU head coach Les Miles reported the incidents to the league office Monday, but expected league officials were already aware and things were moving in the right direction.

“I think that’s already under works,” he said at his Monday press conference. “I think not only did TV catch that, but that was something we caught and we sent in. Certainly the conference will do the right thing.”


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