Blog – Mullen’s transcript from SEC teleconference

MSU head coach Dan Mullen spoke on the Southeastern Conference teleconference Wednesday morning. Here’s his transcript:

Opening Statement:

“First road test of the season, obviously things change, guys go into the hotel for the first time, the bus trip and a little different routine on a Friday having to leave earlier. All of those things are a big transition. We’re expecting to have a huge crowd, a pretty hostile crowd that we’re going into, to play against a very difficult opponent. A team we played in a close game a couple of years ago here. Pleased with the week of practice we’ve had, how our guys have responded with maturity of the older guys on the team helping the younger guys making sure we’re in a position to do things we need to do, how to make improvements from one week to the next, making adjustments form the last game and things we have to improve from that. I think our guys have handled that stuff very well.”

Going on road does that change rotation:

“It doesn’t. We usually come up with a plan as the week goes on for what our rotation will be. We review it with everybody on Friday. We’ll look at that, but we still want to rotate a lot of players across the board.”

On South Alabama:

“They’ve come a long way. This team right now is as veteran a team as you’re going to find anywhere in the country. They’ve got 18 senior starters. Guys that have a lot of experience, guys that have been in the program that have played. They’ve built the program up the right way. They’re not looking for shortcuts. Building guys and developing players. Now they’re starting to get the rewards for all of that. I would be shocked if they’re not in contention for their conference championship later in the season.”


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