Blog – Mullen’s highlights on SEC teleconference

Mississippi State head coach Dan Mullen spoke to the media Wednesday on the Southeastern Conference teleconference.

Here are the highlights…

Opening statement:

“We’re really fried up to get this season going right now. We finished up on a high note last year, we have a lot of guys coming back and have a lot of experience. I know they’re ready to get back out on the field and go play again. Guys have been working since last January, so almost nine months of putting work for this time of year, for 12 games, hopefully up to 15 games this year. Finally get the reward that you deserve after putting in all that hard work this offseason.”

Less freshman and redshirt freshman on depth chart:

“I think our staff has done a good job of developing players. We’ll play a lot of young guys, but being able to really develop within our program and reward what that development is, is fantastic. We’ll have a lot of young guys go play for us.”

“I always look at the depth chart postgame and see who played the most plays. That to me is where a depth chart really has some weight, looking at who played the most amount of plays for you in a game, that’s what guys are competing to do on our team.”

What impact the disqualification with the targeting rule had on the game last year:

“We didn’t want the penalty before so we always talked about not doing it. The only strategy we really imposed in practiced was we showed situations where you would be disqualified with that play and in that situation. In the end it had a lot of impact on certain games. There were some plays where you had some pretty significant not be able to finish a game because of that rule.”

Do you like the rule with QB in passing posture, not hitting below the knee:

“Yeah. Any hit that is designed with an intent to injure, is a bad hit. If a guy’s crawling on the ground, rolling and goes low on the quarterback, you have no problem with that. A guy coming to take a shot on a quarterback and going with an intent to injure, that’s where we have to protect people.”


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