Blog – MSU defensive line position analysis (with video)


Mississippi State’s front line on the defensive side of the ball is far from young.

There are three seniors, P.J. Jones, Kaleb Eulls and Preston Smith, listed as starters on the preseason depth chart.

The experience on the defensive line changed how coach David Turner has attacked this fall camp.

“You try to refine some things as opposed to teaching,” Turner said. “The guys did a great job over the summer and the old guys taught the young guys, the freshmen, what to do. So we’ve been a little bit ahead in terms of knowing what to do with those guys. That does nothing but help accelerate our teaching and knowing what to do and how to do it.

“I’ve been pleased with that so far and, we’ve got a veteran group and they know what is going on. They are doing a better job of coaching each other and that is the thing we talked about in the offseason.”

There’s also sophomore Chris Jones who can play on the inside or the outside, but he continues to plead his case for defensive end.

DL depth chart:

DE – Ryan Brown, A.J. Jefferson

DT – P.J. Jones, Chris Jones

DT – Kaleb Eulls, Nelson Adams, Curtis Virges

DE – Preston Smith, A.J. Jefferson


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