Blog – MSU offensive line position analysis

Mississippi State co-offensive coordinator and offensive line coach John Hevesy wants at least eight guys he can rotate in and out, but he’ll take double digits if that’s available.

Double digits will be tough to come by.

“The offensive line needs to get a feel for who is playing with you and how they do things, such as how they get into double teams, how they communicate and how fast they are,” Hevesy said. “That is why to me, that third guy is a rotator. If I’m fortunate enough to have nine, 10, 11 or 12, I’ll be the happiest man in the world.”

The Bulldogs lost left guard Gabe Jackson to the Oakland Raiders and right tackle Charles Siddoway to graduation.

Jackson’s spot will more than likely go to sophomore Jamaal Clayborn, but he has talked about not trying to be Jackson.

“I will never try to compare myself to Gabe or anybody else, I just play like Jamaal plays,” Clayborn said. “That’s the biggest thing, just trying to make my own identity for myself and not being compared to others.”

The line will be anchored by three seniors with center Dillon Day, left tackle Blaine Clausell and right guard Ben Beckwith.

The preseason depth chart looks like this*:

LT – Blaine Clausell, Cole Carter

LG – Jamaal Clayborn, Kent Flowers

C – Dillon Day, Archie Muniz

RG – Ben Beckwith, Devon Desper

RT – Justin Malone, Damien Robinson, Jake Thomas

*Could change


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