Blog – Spring football depth chart

Mississippi State has had just two days of spring practice and a lot will change before the spring game and certainly before the season starts in September.

This is just from how they have lined up in the team portion of practice.

First team offense

QB Dak Prescott

RB Josh Robinson

WR Robert Johnson

WR Jameon Lewis

WR De’Runnya Wilson

TE Malcolm Johnson

LT Blaine Clausell

LG Jamaal Clayborn

C Dillon Day

RG Ben Beckwith

RT Damien Robinson

First team defense

DE Ryan Brown

DT Nelson Adams

DT Chris Jones

DE A.J. Jefferson

LB Matthew Wells

LB Beniquez Brown

LB Benardrick McKinney

CB Will Redmond

CB Cedric Jiles

S Kivon Coman

S Deontay Evans

Second team offense

QB Damian Williams

RB Ashton Shumpert

WR Jeremey Chappelle

WR Fred Ross

WR Fred Brown

TE Artimas Samuel

LT Cole Carter

LG Kent Flowers

C Archie Muniz

RG Devon Desper

RT Jake Thomas

Second team defense

DE John Harris

DT Nick James

DT Curtis Virges

DE Preston Smith

LB Dezmond Harris

LB Ferlando Bohanna

LB Richie Brown

LB Zach Jackson

CB Taveze Calhoun

CB Jamerson Love

S Justin Cox


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