Blog – Bulldogs look to stop 5-game losing skid (with video)

Mississippi State is in the midst of a season-long five-game losing streak.

The Bulldogs feel like they are more capable of ending this year’s drought versus last year’s 13-game losing skid.

“Last year we were struggling a lot in a lot of positions,” junior guard Trivante Bloodman said. “This year, everybody is playing a lot better and there’s a lot of stuff we can improve on. As time progressed, we got better as a team.”

MSU plays host to Georgia on Wednesday. Tipoff is set for 8:02 p.m. inside Humphrey Coliseum. The game can be seen on Fox Sports Net.

The MSU campus is closed on Tuesday due to winter weather, but there has been no word for Wednesday.

It might affect the game, and MSU athletic director Scott Stricklin has already approached Ray about what might happen on Wednesday.

“Scott talked to me this morning about that and he says he is going to get with his people,” Ray said. “I think it has a lot to do with TV as well too. I don’t think it’s totally in our control. The biggest thing is the safety issue. He’s going to figure that stuff out and then he’s going to come back to me with it. I told him I really don’t what to talk about all that stuff. I just want to get ready for Georgia. If you have a contingency plan, tell me the contingency plan once you come up with the contingency plan. I don’t want to help devise the contingency plan.”

True freshman point guard I.J. Ready says he is feeling better and is hoping to play.

“I’m over my fever now, but I’m still kind of sick and I’m still feeling a little not myself,” Ready said. “I just have to keep taking my medicines, keep drinking fluids and just practice and do whatever the trainers and doctors tell me to do so I can get back to myself and help my team out. That’s all I want to do.”

We also caught up with senior forward Colin Borchert


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