Blog – Mullen talks Prescott, Saban talks about the best 4-5 team

Wednesday’s Southeastern Conference teleconference featured Mississippi State head coach Dan Mullen talking a good bit about Dak Prescott and his resiliency and Alabama head coach Nick Saban talked about how good of a team MSU is even at 4-5.

Dan Mullen’s transcript –

Opening statement:

“It’s a great opportunity for our team. I think it’s the second or third time we have been able to play the No. 1 team since I’ve been here. You don’t those opportunities often. For our guys to be able to do it, it’s really exciting for us.”

What is Dak Prescott’s status for this week:

“Dak’s coming along. We’ll see. They said he might try to do some things at practice today, but we will are going to have to see how he just keeps going throughout the week.”

How big of a surprise has Prescott been this year:

“He’s a tremendous worker. There really was no surprise to us. You could see it all during training camp. We felt pretty good about both our quarterbacks coming out of training camp. Tyler Russell with the starting experience, played a lot of football here, continued to grow and do a lot of good things. Dak developing from being a guy that came in as a redshirt freshman last year, running a couple of plays in a small package, to being a guy that was understanding the quarterback position and everything that was asked of him. We saw that coming along. Now he has had the opportunity to go out on the field because of injuries. He’s had the opportunity this season to go out and show everybody else what type of player he can be.”

“He’s a tough, physical player. He’s a good runner, he’s not the fastest guy in the world, but he is a good runner with the football. He has size and he’s a physical player. He’s a good decision maker and I think there’s an awful lot to that. When to hang in the pocket to make a throw, when to start scrambling around to try to improvise and then a good decision maker whether it’s a zone read or any of those other plays that we’re running. Making the right decisions and finishing the play.”

What does it say about Dak with how he played last week with everything he’s dealing with:

“It says a lot about him and it says a lot about him and it says a lot about how he was raised by his mom. I think she knew him being his best in whatever he was to do was very important. He wanted to make sure that he got out on the field and was able to do that. It continues to be a very difficult situation for him. This is something that’s going to be a huge deal for him. Thanksgiving holiday, not having a mom to go home to.”

Nick Saban select transcript –

Opening statement: 

“This is a real challenge for our team. It was obviously a very emotional win for us against a very good LSU team. Mississippi State has probably the best 4-5 team in the country. They’ve lost five games to top 20 teams and have extremely well all season.”

“It’s a difficult preparation because they do a great job of coaching their players. I think the focus for our guys needs to be what we need to improve and what we need to do to prepare well so we can continue to try to play our best. That’s going to be the real key for us.”


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