Blog – SEC teleconference transcripts, Hughes and Sumlin

Dan Mullen wasn’t on Wednesday’s Southeastern Conference teleconference, so in his stead was safeties coach Tony Hughes.

Mullen was attending Peggy Prescott’s funeral, the mother of quarterback Dak Prescott. She passed away on Sunday morning. She was battling cancer.

Hughes transcript –

Opening statement:

“Our hearts go out to Dak Prescott, who’s truly a team player and a great representative of Mississippi State. He’s very well respected by his teammates, the coaching staff and the people here at Mississippi State. Our hearts go out to him and his family today. Our prayers are with him, to strength him, that he will come back stronger than he was before.”

“Our team and staff, we’re very excited. We’re looking forward to the opportunity to travel to College Station and play an outstanding Texas A&M team Saturday afternoon on nation TV. This is why you want to play SEC football and coach in the SEC, for games like this. It definitely will be a challenge and a great opportunity for our team. It’s a challenge that we definitely look forward to.”

How do you get your team prepared with all that’s happened this week:

“We train year round, during the offseason, during the spring and summer conditioning program, for adversity. We’re here to teach young men that the game of football is like the game of life. Sometimes you’re going to get knocked down and sometimes circumstances are going to happen that you can’t control just like in a football game. You have to rise up past the adversity. You have to continue to march, to live and do things the best way you can. Our young men here at Mississippi State are resilient. They’re mentally tough.”

Sumlin transcript –

Opening statement:

“We’re coming off a good win for us last weekend against UTEP. We got to play a lot of players, which is a positive, but had a lot of those players play well. We started a little bit slow offensively for our standard, but kicked it in gear.”

“That’s probably the best performance of the defense this year. We forced four turnovers also. We’ve played better on defense the last couple of weeks. That’s helped, I think with our confidence. This week will be a real test to see how much we’ve improved defensively, because Mississippi State is a talented team, has been able to move the football on everybody.”

What separates Mike Evans from others: 15 catches of 30 yards or more:

“I don’t know about the others. Mike is a big guy that is extremely physical. He plays hard without the football. A talented guy with the ball in his hands. He’s an intermediate guy that you can throw the ball to short and be physical with guys to get first downs. He’s also a deep threat.”


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