Blog – Mullen’s Wednesday conversation, SEC teleconference

Mississippi State head coach Dan Mullen joined reporters Wednesday morning on the Southeastern Conference teleconference.

He talked about the next three games for the Bulldogs, all against top 25 teams. Two of those come on the road. The Bulldogs travel to Columbia, S.C. this weekend to take on No. 14 South Carolina. They travel to College Station, Texas next Saturday to play No. 12 Texas A&M. They host No. 1 Alabama on Nov. 16.

Mullen talked about the game with the Gamecocks, the hard stretch of the next three games and how having two starting quarterbacks in college is a real need.

Opening statement:

“We’re excited about this game, I know our guys are. Obviously tough going on the road, but I think our guys, one of the things you love here, you get the opportunity to play the best teams in the country week in and week out. South Carolina’s obviously one of those top national teams, not just this year, but over the last two to three years.”

Sense of urgency from your team, with the next three opponents:

“Our first seven opponents are 38-18 right now. A bunch of them are ranked and in the top 10 too. I don’t know if this is any different from the rest of the season. I think there’s a sense of urgency every single game we play here.”

“I don’t know if this is any different than where we’ve been over the first half of the season, but I know our guys love that challenge of playing the best teams.”

Inconsistency in fourth quarter, what have y’all done in practice to correct that:

“It’s just focus. We made some mistakes in some of those games. The most important part to me, in every one of those games, found a way to win the game. Even though we’ve gotten sloppy, made some mistakes and there’s some errors at the critical moment, we step up and win the game. That’s really what we build off of.”

Is it more important now to have 2 QBs ready each week:

“I think it is. In the style of college football that does make it easier, usually the separation between your first and second quarterback, might not be that great. You look at the pro game where they’re paying one guy $15 million and the backup $500,000. There’s probably a reason for that. In the college game, they’re both getting the same scholarship. You’re one play away from the most important position on the field, having your backup go in the game. The guys on the field have to be comfortable with him, have to believe that this guy can come in and make the plays. If you don’t have two quarterbacks ready at all times, you’re putting yourself at a risk.”


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