Blog – Wednesday Mullen conversation

Mississippi State head coach Dan Mullen talked to the media Wednesday morning on the Southeastern Conference football teleconference.

He had an opening statement and then fielded three questions. Us local media scribes will catch up with Mullen later this afternoon.

Here is most of his transcript –

Opening statement:

“It’s kind of a pseudo open date for us this week because you have a game coming up on Thursday night. It’s our opportunity to get a couple of things cleaned up, an extra couple of days to get prepared for Kentucky and also get a lot of guys healed up. I think we were out four, five or six starters for last game, hopefully we will get some guys back for this week, healed up, healthy and ready to go.”

Where would you say your team is at this point and time:

“Doing pretty good. I think obviously we would like to have a better record than where we are right now.”

“I think we have one of the hardest schedules in the county to this point. If you look at our guys, we’ve played pretty well. LSU pulled away in the fourth quarter. We had an opportunity to take the lead going into the fourth quarter and then miss a field goal. We’ve kind of been right there with everyone, playing a tough schedule. Our guys have improved from week to week and I think our guys see that. They can find things that they have improved on from one week to the next and that always helps you as you move forward and continue to grow throughout the year.”

Any certain areas you are looking to address:

“There’s always little things that you want to improve on. You want to look at third down offense and defense, you want to improve on. Two minutes is another one. I think we’ve given up some scores right before the half on the defensive side of the ball. That really crushes you and momentum in game. It’s hurt us a couple of different times.”


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