Blog – Mullen’s Wednesday comments, defensive update (with video)

Mississippi State head coach Dan Mullen took to the Southeastern Conference teleconference Wednesday morning.

He talked about the upcoming game with Bowling Green, the two-quarterback system and his team’s struggles on third downs.

Here is his transcript –

Opening statement:

“We have tough game, obviously this week, coming off a physical SEC week game last week. Playing a team that’s 5-1 right now. Top of the MAC conference, which everyone knows how tough a conference that is. They kind of prove it every year. A lot of upsets from schools that are supposedly in bigger conferences. A lot of respect for their team and their coaching staff. They’re a really well balanced team. Our guys have worked hard this week. We’ve had a decent week of practice so far. Getting guys back that were banged up in the last game. Hopefully have everybody healthy to go for Saturday.”

Using the 2 QB system:

“A lot of it is, how practice goes each week and a little bit game plan to game plan, how we’re going to attack defenses. You could go heavier one guy or the other, depending on how we’re going to attack defenses and different situations. I think both of them have proved what they can do on the field. They are both deserving of playing. A lot becomes how they perform at practice, depending on the plan, what the rotation will be during the game. I see both of them playing the rest of the way, as long as everybody’s healthy.”

Third downs:

“I’ve seen a couple of good things. At the end of the game, everyone looks at third down stats, and what were you on third down. We break it down much more than that in third down situations. Last week we were 1-5 on third down of 10-plus and then pretty good on the other down and distances. The key to that is, you obviously want to avoid third down and 10-pluses. Stay out of long distance situations.”

Yesterday we caught up with defensive coordinator Geoff Collins and sophomore linebacker Benardrick McKinney.

Defenisvely the Bulldogs are trying to rebound after giving up 59 points and 563 yards of total offense to LSU in a loss.


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