Blog – Mullen’s highlights on SEC teleconference

Mississippi State head coach Dan Mullen took to the Southeastern Conference teleconference on Wednesday to talk about playing at home, LSU and his quarterback situation.

Here are some of the highlights of his visit –

Opening statement:

“Excited to kick it off. Should have a great, another sellout crowd. A great environment for a big time game on Saturday night.”

How does LSU look on tape:

“They don’t look like they’ve lost many guys. They have four and five star guys as backups right now. They look as talented as they’ve ever been.”

How big of advantage being at home:

“I think home field advantage is always critical in the Southeastern Conference. Just because of the atmosphere, the environment you play. I think this is our 26th consecutive sellout. We need it loud, we need our fans cheering and motivating our guys. Hopefully create problems for LSU.”

When you got to MSU what were somethings off the field you needed:

“Number one was getting our fans involved. Our fans didn’t know how important they were to the program. We came in and told them ‘hey if you sellout the stadium, we’re going to start winning games and make us recruit better players. Since we’ve been selling out the stadium, we’ve had a great home record.”

Will Tyler start on Saturday:

“Yeah, that’s the plan. He’s looked good. Dak’s looked good. We’ve had a pretty good week of practice with both guys. That’s still the plan. We’ll see how it goes Saturday.”

Been a few years since State’s beating LSU, have you used that:

“We have only six seniors in our whole two-deep. We have a lot more freshman in our two-deep than seniors. When you have such a young team, they don’t know that. They know last year they beat us down at their place. That’s about the extent of what most of our team knows.”


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