Blog – Mullen’s Sunday conversation

Mississippi State head coach Dan Mullen has his weekly chat with reporters on Sunday.

He hit on watching LSU play Georgia, the QB situation, LSU’s run game and what practice was like last week with no game.

Here are some highlights from his chat –

Did you watch any of the LSU/Georgia game:

“I got to watch all of it. I got some family time with my kids and my wife, but I did get to see a whole bunch of it. The biggest thing I got out of it, LSU’s really good. So is Georgia. Will have hands full.”

Progression from Zach Mettenberger:

“I remember him as a junior in high school. I worked with him in football camp. You’ve always known he’s had a huge arm on him. A very talented passer. He’s a guy that’s very, very comfortable being out there on the field. They have a lot of great skill players around him. He does a great job of disturbing the ball to all those different skill players.”

LSU’s run game:

“(Georgia) was not going to let them run the ball. They threw it up and down the field on them. I don’t know that it’s not LSU’s running game, it’s what people make you do or don’t make you do.”

QB situation:

“It’s always going to change from game-to-game. We’ll figure that out on gameday when we have the final plan ready for LSU. I do feel a lot more comfortable now that Dak has got a couple of starts under his belt. Having two starting quarterbacks is a good problem to have. I feel pretty comfortable with both guys.”

How would you grade last weeks’ practices:

“Started slow. With a young team that happens sometimes. Tuesday’s practice was a little bit slower. Our coaches stopped practice and got after them and made sure they understood the importance of it. With a young team, when they get into a bye week, that sense of urgency you have to have even though you are not playing anybody that Saturday. From then on we had a real solid week.”

Talk about giving the team the weekend off and them being able to go home and spend time with family:

“These are 18, 19, 20-year old kids that we have out there playing for us. They’re regular kids. I think having the opportunity to just step away, take a break and go see your family. Spending some time with family and away from football will hopefully gets us back energized for tomorrow’s practice.”


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