Blog – Mullen on SEC teleconference

Mississippi State head coach Dan Mullen took his turn on the Southeastern Conference teleconference Wednesday morning.

The Bulldogs are off this week, but there were several questions asked.

Here are a few highlights from his chat with the media:

Opening statement:

“We’ll start working towards the plan for LSU a little bit each day in practice as we go through the rest of the week.”

What kind of season has Gabe Jackson had so far:

“He’s had a great year for us so far. He’s a guy that has started every game that he’s been for after his redshirt freshman season. He’s continually improved. He really works as a professional.”

You played Oklahoma State in week one, do you think its’a good thing for teams like you guys:

“Sure. It’s always fun to go play against another great team. It’s always a challenge, especially in this league. Looking ahead, we still have five or six more ranked teams on our schedule. I look at a lot of teams, and they have one or two ranked teams left on their schedule, maybe three. It’s always a challenge when you go play those games.”

Have you looked at film of LSU QB Zach Mettenberger:

“I haven’t gone on that side of the ball that much. I’m kind of done a lot more working on special teams and looking at their defense this year. They have an excellent quarterbacks coach. You look at Zach, he’s played in all the stadiums, he has that experience and I think most of the time when you get guys in that part of their career they’re comfortable in the system that’s going on and you see them just making decisions much faster and better decisions.”

LSU’s defense:

“They look as big, fast and physical as they always are. I’m trying to figure out who they lost because it looks like they’ve got a lot of talented guys still out there on the field.”

Has kicking game changed with Devon Bell and Evan Sobiesk:

“No. Those guys are still working out there. Every day we chart every single kick and punt. Those guys know that. Like any position on the field, we evaluate throughout the week of practice who has had the best week of practice. We look statistically who’s going to give us the best opportunity in the game.”



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