Blog – Mullen’s Tuesday conversation (with video)

Mississippi State head coach Dan Mullen joined reporters after practice on Tuesday.

He spoke of what his team is doing during the off week, his young secondary, consistency and what the deal is at quarterback, although he was pretty vague about it.

Mullen’s transcript:

How are you handling this off week with the guys:

“We’ve got a lot of work to do. We obviously have to get a lot better. We’ve improved every single week from game to game, so far. We need to continue to do that to have a successful season.”

On the defensive side of the ball, had a lot of young guys play well:

“It’s huge. You turn on the film, there’s a lot of young guys on the field. You’ve got to be 30-deep on defense if you want to be really good in this league. At least 22-deep at every position to roll guys through. If you’ve got two and a half at each position, you’re probably in good shape. We’ve been playing guys. We got to play guys to survive in the SEC. It’s just a lot of opportunities for people to get on the field.”

What is that Nelson Adams and A.J. Jefferson have done so well:

“Just great work ethic. They’re getting their opportunities and they’re taking advantage of those opportunities. That is what’s huge. There’s going to be opportunities to get on the field, you’ve got to take advantage of that opportunity.”

What are some of the things you want to clean up this week:

“Holy cow, there’s an awful lot. There’s an awful lot right there for us. We’ve got to still look at our third downs. We did OK last week, but on the year so far we’re not great. Clean up little things in pass protection that we have to get better at. Route running. Guys catching. You saw the couple of drops, a couple of missed throws on offense. Defensive side of the ball, still have some misfits that were out there. We still always have to work to get more pressure, especially with our front four on quarterbacks.”

Have you been pleasantly surprised with the secondary:

“We knew that we had some good, young players out there. We knew there were some good, young players. They’re getting their opportunity and they go make plays. Probably more of them than we expected with all the injuries we’ve had to deal with so far this year in the secondary.”

What have you told the team about being consistent (two blowout wins, two losses):

“I’ve told them we just have to continue to get better. It’s an interesting challenge for us this week. We lose a game where we don’t play very well in the first game and we respond and get better and come play a real good game. We responded from playing a good game and actually still improved the next week, but had a really tough loss. We responded from that and improved again. If we don’t continue to improve from week to week, we’ll never expect to win any more games.”

You said that Tyler was going to be the starter against LSU, is he rolling with the ones:

“This week you get a lot of different reps, but that’s still the plan.”

How much more would you like to get LaDarius Perkins involved in the offense:

“A lot. We want to really get him the ball, get him rolling through. You look at the different scenarios in games that we’ve been in, the two big wins there hasn’t been a whole lot of need. Against Auburn they really kind of made a conscience effort to get the ball out, we were still able to run the ball more effectively, they made a conscience effort to get the ball out of his hands. We’re still always working that. If they’re going to take the ball out his hands, and we’re still going to run for over 200 yards, I guess we’ll have to take it.”


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