Blog – Mullen on Wednesday SEC teleconference

Mississippi State head coach Dan Mullen’s time on Wednesday’s Southeastern Conference teleconference was short and sweet.

He talked about Troy, not overlooking them and also gave somewhat of an update on Tyler Russell.

He said the senior quarterback’s status is the same, but should be receiving the ImPACT test, for concussions, either tonight or tomorrow sometime. 

Here is Mullen’s transcript – 

Opening statement:

“We’re excited to be back home. We’ve had a great run of sellout crowds and we expect to get that home field advantage. I know it was a tough game we played them last year. I think it was their biggest crowd in school history. They had a really excited environment. Hopefully our fans come, we get it sold out, get it rocking, give us that home field advantage and get back on the winning track at home.”

What does the Troy QB, Corey Robinson, bring to the table:

“I think right now he is college football’s active leading passer. He has a really quick release, very accurate passer and can make all the throws off different angles. He really understands their system being in it so long and having that playing experience. He’s a great decision maker, gets the ball out to guys and gets it to the guys where they can do something with it in space.”

Talk about Coach Larry Blakeney and how he’s built that program:

“It’s pretty unique. I don’t know if you’re going to see a lot more of them in college football, guys that have been able to stay with one program for that long. It’s kind of a very unique and special deal. Coach Snyder, Coach Beamer and Coach Blakeney are the guys that are still with their programs over so many years. I think that’s pretty special. Give him credit for all the success he’s had for building that program up and also the university credit for believing in what he does and sticking with him through all those years.”

Can you give an update on Tyler Russell:

“His status is the same as it was last week. He’s cleared to do everything in practice. They’re ImPACT testing him this evening or tomorrow morning. We’re talking about to see if he’s going to be cleared for contact.”

What concerns you more, team coming off a heart breaking loss or overlooking Troy:

“I think after last year’s game with them, which came right down to the wire at their place, I think our guys are certainly going to take them serious. Even though with a such young team that we have, a lot of those guys didn’t play in that game last year. They know how close a game it was and how it came right down to the wire. I know they’re going to take them very, very seriously coming in here. So far we’ve responded well, had a good week of practice coming off the loss. It’s always tough. You put so much in and you lose on the last play of the game basically. It’s always tough for the young guys. I think our guys have really handled it well and had a good week of practice.”


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