Blog – Mullen’s Sunday teleconference (Russell, Prescott, injuries)

Mississippi State head coach joined the media on his Sunday press conference.

He discussed Tyler Russell, Dak Prescott’s performance, LaDarius Perkins injury and several other things.

Here is his transcript:

Opening statement:

“We’re ready to rock and roll and start SEC week this week, SEC play. There’s nothing more exciting than SEC football. We go play on the road against, I would say a tough Auburn team. We’re excited to go play.”

Can you update the quarterbacks?

“We haven’t gotten our injury report today. We don’t get that until late in the day. If Tyler’s healthy enough to go, then he’ll be playing quarterback for us. If not, then Dak will be playing quarterback for us.”

What is the LaDarius Perkins situation?

“He had a sprained ankle. He was not going to be 10 percent, so we decided not to play him. We expect him to play this week.”

On all injuries

“Our initial report, everybody that didn’t play with the exception of Justin Malone, Jay Hughes and Gus Walley, we expect to be back for this (one).”

Fred Brown situation

“I read the rulebook. What it is with two unsportsmanlike, ejected from the game, which he was. That’s the end of it. We’ll look into every other punishment, certainly.”

Since you’ve watched the tape, how would you evaluate Dak?

“I thought he played really well. I thought he managed the offense really well. He missed one or two reads. He missed two or three checks he could’ve made. He graded as a Champion for us. Overall his performance was very good.”

What have you seen from third down (7-29 this season)?

“We’re going to study that a lot this week and look at exactly what we’re doing. That is probably the most disappointing part of our game right now. We’re going to really look into that and see what we can do to make sure we can improve that area for us.”


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