Blog – Mullen on SEC teleconference

Dan Mullen talked to the media on Wednesday’s Southeastern Conference media teleconference.

The Mississippi State head coach talked for over five minutes.

Here is his full transcript.

Opening statement:

“I expect us to keep our sellout streak alive, consecutive sellouts this weekend. Our guys are ready to play in front of their home fans. Getting to play a team like Alcorn State that’s an in-state team, I think it’s a game that’s a lot of fun for the fan bases of both schools. A lot of familiarity. They got to see these guys play in high school at a lot of local towns around the state of Mississippi. It should be a really neat game. A lot of fun. There a team that obviously put up a lot of points last week with the big explosive offense. We are going to have our hands full. We just have to get ready to go play.”

With the hit on Tyler Russell, guys sliding nobody should be coming at him:

“There are so many different judgment calls in all of it. We have to see how this rule plays out this year first before we look at doing any changes or other things in the future.”

Talk about your quarterback play after Tyler went out:

“I thought Dak did a good job. He is a young guy for us, just a sophomore, but came in and did a good job. He made some plays and obviously a couple things he can learn. He missed a couple of reads out there on the field. Ultimately made some other really good throws, good decisions with the ball in his hand. He gets to see himself on film making those plays, and not just somebody else do it. I expect to see a lot of development in him with the more opportunities he gets to play.”

What did you learn most from playing Oklahoma State:

“The biggest thing we have to do is finish. We opened the game really well. We played great on defense. We really kind of slowed them down, shut them down and got them out of their gameplan early in the game. We gave up some big plays as the game went on. Offensively we drove the ball between the 20s really well and just didn’t finish drives. For our guys a lot of little things they can learn about finishing games, finishing drives and finishing plays. We can use this to step forward. That was a very good football team. A team that is picked to go win their conference championship. Our guys can see there are a lot of things we could have done that would put ourselves in a position to win that game. We just have to make those improvements during this week and in the weeks to come.”

Will the offense change with Dak at QB:

“We want right now at this point. We’re just going to run our offense. Dak’s obviously going to run it with a little different flavor than Tyler runs it, a little bit more athletic of a guy. Schematically we’re not going to change a whole lot.”

With young wide receivers, how much are you going to rely on LaDarius Perkins:

“We’ve got to stay balanced or else people we’ll just load up and stop one things for us. We’re going to continue to try to stay balanced throughout the course of the game. The great thing now, I think those young receivers, a lot of people say that you can see the greatest improvement from week one to week two, I don’t know if that’s true for every player. I do think for young players it is. With those young receivers, they got to see what a game’s like, experience what a game’s like and we expect to see a lot of improvement out of those young wideouts between last week’s game and this week’s game.”


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