Blog – Dan Mullen SEC teleconference transcript

Mississippi State head coach Dan Mullen went on the Southeastern Conference teleconference Wednesday morning around 11:50 a.m.

The Bulldogs travel to Houston, Texas to take on the No. 13 (Associated Press) Oklahoma State Cowboys in the Texas Kickoff Classic in Reliant Stadium Saturday at 2:30 p.m.

He was only asked four questions.

Opening statement

“We’re excited about the game this Saturday. Obviously it’s a great honor for our program to be invited to play in the Texas Kickoff Classic. I know very few teams get the opportunity to do this. It really shows how far our program has come over the last couple of years to be invited to go play against a national powerhouse team like Oklahoma State. They’ve been a consistent, top 10 team in the last several years. Obviously starting the season, we’re very excited to do that. We’ve competing against each other, training, hitting each other since Jan. 1. After those nine full months we’re ready to go play somebody else. Can’t wait to get the season underway. Get this season kicked off. For coaches and players, it’s almost like Christmas morning getting ready to start the football season.”

Plan for Friday (University of Houston playing in Reliant that night)

“It’s same as we do for every road game. We don’t ever go to the stadium before the game. It’s our regular Friday routine. We come have lunch, we go meetings, we go walk throughs, come back shower, get on the plane, go fly, get to the hotel, have a nice dinner at the hotel and have the best Fridays in college football for our team. I think we have the best schedule in the country for Fridays for our guys as they prepare to get ready for Saturday.”


“We’ll announce those Saturday if there are any.”

Talk about the matchup between OSU passing game and MSU secondary

“It’s a great challenge for our guys. I think we have some young talented players. They’re obviously going to be tested in the secondary very, very early. With there first game coming in, there’s not much of a time for to take their time, learn the ropes and figure out what gameday is all about. We have a lot of guys that are going to be playing their first game for us. Jamerson Love is really the only returning corner that’s played a lot of football for us. Jay Hughes and Nickoe Whitley have played a lot at safety for us. For all the other all corners, this is their first opportunity to get out there and play. They get to go do it against the best offense in the country. It will be a great test for them. As young players, I know they’re excited for that challenge. That’s the one great thing about young guys, they’ve been told and heard all summer they’re the guys that have big shoes to fill, they’re the guys that don’t have the experience, they’re the guys is where the mismatch is for Oklahoma State. I think young players, they really take that challenge on and hopefully they respond to it well on Saturday.”


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