Blog – Special teams position analysis (with video)

Baker Swedenberg’s focus hasn’t been on one major thing.

Rather the senior Mississippi Sate punter has been focused on small details on the football field.

To explain what he has been concentrating on, the Heritage Academy graduate began to talk about golf.

“Obviously you are not going to be perfect playing golf, but you still want to make a hole-in-one when you’re on a par-3,” Swedenberg said. “It’s little things, like on my pooch punts, I want to make the ball roll left or come back. That’s just an inch difference in your drop. It’s little details like that, that I try to improve on. On the outside you may not see, but I know. If I do it right, I’ll get satisfaction.”

The guys around Swedenberg have helped him to be consistent and steady. It has also helped the Bulldogs to have one of the better special teams in the nation.

Sophomore long snapper Winston Chapman will be in his second season as the starter. He didn’t allow a blocked punt all last season.

Junior cornerback Jamerson Love also participates on special teams. The Aberdeen native is one of the better gunners in the Southeastern Conference because of his speed.

With the help of these two guys, it makes Swedenberg’s job a good bit easier.

“It just goes back to having a great snapper in Winston Chapman,” Swedenberg said. “Just having great missiles. Jamerson Love will be back this year. I can just put it 40 yards down the field on the numbers, and it doesn’t matter.”

Swedenberg has also drawn the respect and admiration of one of the younger kickers on the team.

Sophomore placekicker Devon Bell knows what the Bulldogs are getting when Swedenberg steps on the field.

“Baker, in my opinion, is the most consistent punter in the nation,” Bell said. “Anywhere you want the ball, that’s where he can put it. If you need a 45 yard punt on the right hash, he’ll put it there every time.”

The return game will more than likely keep senior tailback LaDarius Perkins on kickoff and he may get the nod on punts with the departure of Johnthan Banks.

Videos: Senior punter Baker Swedenberg, sophomore kicker Devon Bell


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