Blog – MSU tight ends position analysis (with video)

The tight end position may be one of the most underrated positions on the football field.

A tight end’s assignment can change from play-to-play. There is not just one thing they specialize in like other football positions.

Mississippi State tight end coach Scott Sallach is well aware of this with his guys.

“Outside of Tyler Russell, the people who have to know the most of what’s going on are the tight ends,” Sallach said. “They’re not really tight ends. They’re wide receivers, they’re running backs, they’re offensive lineman, they protect, they’re in the run game, they’ve got routes, they have to recognize coverages, blitzes and fronts. You have to be a special individual to sit in my meeting room.”

Luckily for Sallach he has several tight ends with different skill sets.

Sallach has junior Malcolm Johnson, junior Brandon Hill, junior Christian Holmes and Rufus Warren.

Each have different skill sets. For Sallach he has to figure how he is going to use all their different skill sets at the right time.

“Malcolm’s skill set is different than Rufus’s skill set,” Sallach said. “Brandon’s skill set is different than Christian’s skill set. You try to focus as a coach, how am I going to push Malcolm in the best position to be successful? How am I going to put Rufus in the best position to be successful.”

To go along with the four already mentioned, there is freshman Artimas Samuel and redshirt freshman Gus Walley.

Unofficial depth chart:

TE – Malcolm Johnson, Jr., Brandon Hill, Jr.


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