Blog – Wednesday spring practice report (with video)

The Mississippi State Bulldogs started spring practice last week.

Wednesday they finally put on pads and went for over two hours.

MSU head coach Dan Mullen and wide receivers coach Billy Gonzales talked to reporters after practice and gave their thoughts on practice thus far.

There hasn’t been much to report so far in the early goings of practice. The only thing noteworthy that came out of Wednesday’s practice was sophomore defensive end Ryan Brown was practicing with the ones opposite of Denico Autry.

Mullen’s partial transcript:

Opening Statement:


“A lot of learning going on out there on the field. You look at a lot of things, you might say ‘wow that’s a big play,’ but usually when there’s a big play on one side of the ball, there’s somebody making a mistake on the opposite side. We’ve just got to get those things cleaned up.”


Any difference with pads on today?


“I think it’s a lot easier to get things done obviously. One of the hardest things is teaching guys, especially all the young players and young college kids that don’t get to be out here all the time, how to practice without pads. There’s a lot to that. You feel safer being out here with pads. I think it helps out.”


How is getting your new coaches into the flow of practice?


“It’s good. I think a lot of them understand what we expect being around. You’re a coach, you want to be out on the field coaching, teaching and doing football. Our coaches, even bumping practice back from yesterday to today, they get antsy. Not just the players, the coaches want to get out there on the field. I think they’re enjoying themselves.”


Tyler Russell looking good after being sick yesterday?


“He’s still a little under the weather I think. He understands what’s part of being a starting quarterback. You’re not always going to feel great. He did good. A couple of new things we’re looking at and trying. The great thing about him, when you’re an experienced guy, he’s going to look and say ‘hey I like this, I don’t like this, can we try it a little differently?’ We want to get more camera film on him, so he can just see some steps and certain new things we’re doing out there on the field. Just get an individual camera on him on the field. It’s just great to have a guy who really just wants to study all of that.”


He’s really enjoying more under center:


“I think he’s got a lot of work to do on it too. In the offseason a lot we will practice him more under center at times, just because it makes you strain a little bit more. You have got to get from here and get all the way back there. You have to work a little bit harder under center. I think it’s good for him and give him comfort as he moves into the future playing.”


Mixing and matching units:


“There’s a lot of opportunity to be had on the field. One always tough thing in spring, a lot of times you end up whole substitution. When you’re in a game situation you don’t whole substitutes, so guys have to play with other guys they have to be use to a different number of guys around them. By doing that it allows you to get more comfortable with everybody on the team.”




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