Surgeon: mass on Nick Bell’s brain to be a form of skin cancer

Mississippi State defensive end Nick Bell

Mississippi State officials released a statement from the surgeon that recently performed surgery on the brain of sophomore defensive end Nick Bell.

Bell’s operation was performed by former Mississippi State graduate Dr. Allen Sills, whose father was the MSU band director, at Vanderbilt University to remove a mass on his brain.

Here’s the full statement from Mississippi State:

“Nick Bell recently underwent surgery at Vanderbilt University for a mass on his brain which was discovered by MSU physicians after he developed headaches and hand weakness. There was evidence that this mass had caused some bleeding in the brain prior to surgery. At surgery the blood and the mass were removed. He is recovering well and has returned home. Tests indicate that this mass is a form of skin cancer which is related to lesion that was removed from his forehead two years ago. Nick will be undergoing further treatment for this mass in the weeks and months ahead. His physicians remain hopeful that he can return to football in the future when his treatments are completed. He will miss the rest of the current season.”

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