USM coach calls out Mississippi State for a future basketball series

Larry Eustachy

Rick Stansbury

After Southern Miss lost on a last-second dunk at Ole Miss Saturday, USM coach Larry Eustachy thanked Rebels head coach Andy Kennedy for agreeing to do the basketball series and said he wished Mississippi State would do the same.

Eustachy, in the classic Egg Bowl style manner of MSU head football coach Dan Mullen, wasn’t going to leave the post-game podium without taking a jab at Mississippi State without saying Rick Stansbury’s name.

“If we could get Mississippi State to do it in basketball than that would be great. But Andy seems to be a little more comfortable in himself than ol’ what’s-his-name.”

Eustachy was referring to the football home-and-home series both USM and MSU agreed to earlier this year for the 2014 and 2015 seasons. Mississippi State head coach Rick Stansbury, that’s S-T-A-N-S-B-U-R-Y, meets with the media Monday afternoon and we’ll see if he has a response.


One thought on “USM coach calls out Mississippi State for a future basketball series

  1. USM has a basketball program? I thought they shut it down when Clarence Witherspoon graduated.

    I guess Larry got his wish. His name mentioned in the newspaper next to a winning program. Just not his. Keep dreaming Larry, a couple more years and that NIT bid may come your way.

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