Kodi Augustus suspended 2 games for post game comments

Rick Stansbury

Kodi Augustus

Mississippi State forward Kodi Augustus will be suspended for the next two games for his comments following Friday night’s season-opening loss to Rider.

Bulldogs head coach Rick Stansbury made the announcement at a media conference Tuesday that the junior will miss Thursday’s game against Southeastern Louisiana and Saturday’s contest with Bethune Cookman both at Humphrey Coliseum.

Augustus was quoted after the 88-74 loss criticizing head coach Rick Stansbury for his lack of playing time and how he thought the Bulldogs were outcoached by Rider.

“Let me say this about Kodi, Kodi’s done well this fall – we’ve had no problems with him at all,” Stansbury said. “I think out of frustration he said some things and when you do things in life there’s accountability for it.”

Augustus was next to enter the media room and he publicily apologized for his actions after the Rider game immediately after Stansbury.

“Some comments I shouldn’t have made, they were immature comments and like I said I was frustrated and wish I could’ve been out there more,” Augustus said Tuesday. “I just wanted to apologize to my coaches, my teammates and all the fans. That’ll never happen again.”


2 thoughts on “Kodi Augustus suspended 2 games for post game comments

    • You addressed 2 issues here:
      1) Kodi deserved to be punished for what he said and it’s because his comments weren’t the right thing to do. Was Kodi correct or accurate is your point? No. Here’s why: it’s my personal opinion that if Kodi had played all 40 minutes and they’d still lost to Rider (which they probably would’ve on that night) I’m convinced Kodi wouldn’t have been as vocal. Might have still be upset but not voiced it.
      2) I’m always confused how people don’t lump ability to coach with ability to recruit in the same category when rating coaches. The two go hand in hand. Recruiting is major part of coaching. Is Rick a great recruiter? Sure. So, if he’s able to bring in the talent, how is he a bad coach? The only thing and probably only thing you could say about Rick is his casual style makes for more of a circus atmosphere around the program. Even through that tho, Rick has the most wins in MSU history and is the most consistent winner on campus right now. Heavy is the head that wears the crown.

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